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We are a small, San Francisco Bay Area company, raising hives and producing honey in a manner that takes our bees and our customers into consideration. Looking to produce healthy hive colonies, we hand manage each hive without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or other chemicals. Our hives are placed with great care, choosing locations... all around the bay. We look for environments where the bees will have the best food and water sources, as well as optimum weather conditions and protection from extreme elements. This encourages strong, healthy and productive colonies, not to mention delicious honey!

Because we harvest honey in small batches, we are able to better monitor the quality of the honey we sell to our customers. This also contributes to keeping our attention on any abnormalities within the hive that may appear between maintenance visits, allowing us to address the condition more promptly and protect the hive as a whole.

Our queen selection is from multiple sources as well as those we hand raise. With our locations being wide spread, our intent is to perpetuate natural, strong genetic queen lines.

In addition to honey, here's a short list of other items and services we offer, as available:

CLICK HERE to view a complete and detailed list of our available services.

In addition to Moschetti's Coffee Roastery in Vallejo every Saturday morning, our honey is available for purchase in San Francisco, Oakland, Napa and Marin County. Specific locations are updated periodically on our Facebook community page, www.facebook.com/bayareabeecompany.

For more information or to contact us, send an email to bayareabeecompany@gmail.com, we'd love to hear from you.

You can also reach us by mail at:
Bay Area Bee Company
P.O. Box 551
Vallejo, CA 94590-9998

Or leave a message at our office:

Live well and be well,
Rokas and Kelli Armonas